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Book: Why can I not stop reading this???

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I just got this book today and I can’t stop reading!!! The first 30-40 pages were the biggest thrill ride but, I’m sure most people could pull some crazy stories from the Cold War.

Let’s see where this goes.


And then this happened.

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How to 180 my opinion in 5 seconds

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The slow driver in front of me has a baby seat and another child in the car. At first I think “it’s okay that he is driving 3-5 under; he has a car of kids and is probably being safe/dealing with a lot.”

Then I see the smoke blown out the window.

Now he’s an asshole.


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“Product of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mozambique, Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, United States, Vietnam”

New computer-trackpadery love.

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I knew it was going to happen sometime. Ever since I started using my MacBook Pro’s trackpad a whole lot more while mobile, every time I went to use my mouse at my desktop the experience was almost annoying. I blame the surface resistance of my desk which was probably not the best to begin with. Don’t worry, my MX Revolution has a home: a trackpad could never be used for FPS.

Now I’m spoiled. The glass of the Magic Trackpad is beyond smooth and, by comparison, my first gen MacBook Pro without a glass touchpad feels sticky and inadequate. Bugger.

At first, the gentleness with which you touch the surface is almost annoying and stress inducing but, I’m now two days in and am starting to enjoy it. I previously used hot corners for Exposé but have since disabled them so I can train myself to use four finger gestures [yeah... MacBook Pro 1,1 with a Core Duo... no Lion yet].

So far, I’m happy and am flying through web pages and windows like I always dreamt I would but I think I’m still deciding whether or not I could live without it. Perhaps in a month I’ll deprive myself and see what I really think. I’m thinking it will be like Apple keyboards which are all spaced exactly the same and all feel like home… anything else just freaks me out.

Too many beets…

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…means beets go in things they don’t usually do. Beet cake for instance.

Soooooo pink.

Wow, that’s catchy: Minuit

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Spent some time poking the interwebs for some new musics and decided Minuit was a good place to settle. I’ve actually been so into what I’ve heard on Bandcamp that I’m even listening to the remix albums… something that rarely comes with positive results but these aren’t bad!

Take the time to poke at their website. It’s… unique.

Minuit: Bandcamp


If Storm Troopers had set up shop in Portland…

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…this is what it would have looked like.